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Dual Screw Foundation

Series Name: SF-I

Technical Data:

  • Solar system: PV plant, PV park, open area ground PV system

  • System type: Ground, dual screw driven foundation

  • Material Option: hot-dip galvanized steel, Aluminum ,Stainless Steel

  • Ground Screw: hot-dip galvanized steel

  • Max snow load: 1.0 kn/㎡

  • Max wind load: 36 m/s

  • Mounting angle: customized design; fixed

  • Module: framed crystalline module, unframed thin film module

  • Module connection: middle & end clamp

  • Average thickness of zinc layer: up to 80 um or customized


  • Cost effective

  • Quick & efficient installation

  • Saved installation time & Labour cost

  • Fit to strong wind, heavy snow area

  • Screw pile foundation makes system robust & stable

  • Suitable for different , especially for hard & dry geological soil condition, like stony land, permafrost, gravel etc

  • Maximum module array vertically & horizontally

  • 25 years anti corrosion warranty