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Dual Axle Tracking System

Series Name: TS-D

Technical Data:

  • Solar system: PV plant, PV park, open area ground PV system

  • Unit System capacity : 4KW~15KW

  • Solar module: 15~60pcs x 250W poly module (1650*992*40mm)

  • Structure material: hot-dip galvanized steel

  • Average thickness of zinc layer: up to 80 um or customized

  • Rotation angle: Azimuth: 245 degree, elevation angle 0-75 degree

  • Tracking accuracy: <=0.1 degree

  • Wind speed for safe operation:<75 km/h (21m/s)

  • Maximum anti wind speed:<150 km/h (42m/s)

  • Controlling part : PLC

  • Protection level: IP65

  • Driving motor: AC380V/AC220V

  • Working condition: -35 degree to 65 degree

  • Mechanical structure lifespan: 25years




  • Automatic tracker, follow sun movement precisely

  • Three dimension rotation to absorb maximum solar energy

  • Produce 40% more power than fixed system

  • Auto track, auto reset, auto control

  • Suitable for solar projects in medium, high latitude location

  • Easy installation & low maintenance

  • 25 years anti corrosion warranty